A Barbera of Note

Uncorked a beauty this morning. I had tried it at the Salon des Vins in March with the producer waxing poetic about his luscious wines made entirely of estate owned grapes.

Now for those of you who don’t know Barbera can be good, bad and simply amazing. I think I’ve stumbled on the latter. Piedmonte wines are tannic, acidic brutes who need time in the bottle to fully appreciate their plum and pepper, black cherry and herbaceous flavours on the nose and in the finish. Wine from this region tend to be medium to heavy in body and can cost between $15 and $150. Nice range right???

Is the $15 anywhere close to the $150. Hell NO!! but it can be a good example of the flavours and viniculture in the Piedmonte and a good start.

My new love is the Barbera d’Alba from Poderi Colla. This vignoble is owned by a family who can be traced to the area since 1703. What’s their line-up you ask? Barbera, Barbaresco and Barolo of course, from 3 distinct properties. The Barbera is an outstanding value at $35 and I am going to be bringing some into the cellar to round out my Italian category to be held for 2 to 8 years.

If you’re interested and want to join in on the order just let me know.

More to drink… cheers

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