On the trail to good fruit wine… Coastal Black Winery

I am always amazed at what some people put in a bottle and consider good wine. This was the case when travelling in the Maritimes and tasting some fruit wines so many years ago. The only winery that ever caught my attention was Rodrigues, because it stood head and shoulders above the rest. My palate has since matured and I can now appreciate many fruit wines for what they are, an alternative to wine made from grapes, and enjoy them with many food pairings.

My stop in Courtenay gave me the chance to head to Coastal Black, a winery I had been reading about lately. The entrance and the grounds are gorgeous and once inside the contemporary feel of the tasting room rivals many wineries I’ve visited.

The Lineup

Blueberry Table- slightly bitter aftertaste but great well rounded body and delicious blueberry flavour that wasn’t too overwhelming.

Raspberry Table- Soft raspberry nose and really well balanced with a great finish.

Blackberry Table- The largest cultivated crop in Canada with 80 acres under bush. The nose was a little alcoholic but the flavour was outstanding.

Blackberry Ambrosia- the nose was slightly “off”. Almost like a fault but then the taste was really smooth and soft. Not my favourite wine because of the smell.

Raspberry Ambrosia- Soft and smooth all the way through. Great as a dessert accompaniment.

Blueberry Mead- Unique and not qualified as wine. I found it very interesting. Their formula is 3 parts mead to 1 part fruit. The honey flavour really shines through.

Spiced Mead- My favourite overall. Flavours and nose of ginger, clove, cardamom, star anise, nutmeg and cinnamon and orange rind. Well balanced and just fun to sip all year round. I had lots of pairing thoughts running through my head when I tasted this mead.

Raspberry Sparkling- Think brunch and move over Mimosa. This wine was terrific as an aperitif, although a little on the sweet side for my palate.

All of these wines are under $20! I was so impressed and give a high five to the owners of this winery for a clear vision and decor to match a world class facility. Judging by the medals they are winning I am sure we’ll be hearing more from them in the coming years.



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