Juggling it all

I’ll tell you that being a woman sommelier is tough. I decided after the birth of my first child I would take on much more than I could chew and study to become a wine expert.

Wow do people sure stare at you when you have a glass of wine in front of you at a restaurant while pregnant. But nothing is better than the judgemental whispering, eye rolling and jaw dropping when you have a sip of vino while breastfeeding. (Hey I had to get the work done somehow)

Having grown up in a European family I saw nothing wrong with a little nip of wine before, during and after pregnancy. In Spain they gave my mother a bottle of Sangre de Toro after my birth. It was hard to juggle the two sides of me. In North America it is considered dangerous to drink while pregnant, yet I grew up seeing that it was perfectly normal for a woman to have a glass of wine during pregnancy and through breastfeeding. Which side is right? I suppose it’s really a personal preference, so long as either side doesn’t go to extremes.

The worst part of motherhood for me is trying to keep up with the job and having children and trying to do both really well.

I question if it is as hard in other vocations as well? Do other women have the same worries as I did?

I suppose women are always trying to juggle their two distinct jobs, family and career no matter where they live or what they do as a profession.

Being a sommelier at night can’t be tougher as being a nurse working overnight shifts. In the end we must find a balance no matter the job.

It’s hard but if it were easy we might not be as challenged.┬áSo I raise a glass to all the ladies out there who are working and keeping it all together so that everyone is taken care of.

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