Nova Scotia Surprise

I don’t have a big cellar by any means but there are bottles that can get lost once in a while. As is the case with the JOST 2000 Cayuga from Malagash. Now there are many of you who don’t know that Nova Scotia makes amazingly delicious wine. From the first brave farmers to today’s state-of-the-art wine facilities wine made in the Maritimes can be drunk without hiding the label. The trick here is to find a style you like because most grapes used are not the same ones you’ll find on the shelves in regular wine shops around Canada and the US. Cayuga is not well known as a grape varietal but it does make soft, semi dry wine in both still and sparkling varieties. It was developed in Upstate New York in the 50’s and has seen commercial success there and in Nova Scotia since the 70’s.

Deep brass colour, clean and bright with almost no colour loss. The nose was slightly nutty with some honeydew melon, apple peel and grass. I had a faint whisper of cork on first sniff but it passed. The nose became less appealing as it spent some time in the glass. In the mouth it was delicately floral with some red apple and lime peel. It was so balanced and still had a lot of acidity and body. I had originally left it in the cellar to find out how the sweetness level would play out in 5 years. It turned into a rather pleasant medium bodied, off dry white with some sweetness but definitely not like a sweet wine.

I tip my hat to Hans Christian Jost who I bought these bottles from. I never thought this wine would age but it has done so beautifully. I am impressed and think you have some excellent wines. For those of you who like delicate, floral whites like Riesling try to score a Cayuga once and do a comparison tasting. You won’t be disappointed.

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