A new varietal and lounging at SOIF

Colder weather upon us and I want to sit around by the fire swirling a fuller bodied red while enjoying the indoors for a while.

The wine bar SOIF de Veronique Rivest is just such a place and so close to where I live it may be embarrassing how often they will see my face over the winter. The selection of wine is awesome, I don’t even mean that in the late 80’s teenage kind of way, I mean awe inspiring. Sommelier Veronique has gone out of her way to create a venue that is great for the sommeliers who want wines that aren’t on menus all over the city and for the regular folks who may want to learn about wine that isn’t in their usual repertoire during a trip to the liquor store.

I had one such wine the other night and I encourage you to seek it out. Perfect for colder weather and hearty comfort food but slightly chilled and this would pair really well with hot weather BBQ’s. It is medium bodied with some good grippy tannin that softens quickly. the alcohol is really well balanced and the blackberry and anise nose was quite pleasing.

Normally this grape is used for Pisco and I had only ever seen it in liquor form. There is some Pipeño made as wine and I for one am thankful for that. It is normally bottled in one litre containers because it is for the people to drink, not cellar. SAQ had 750mL bottles but they have disappeared off the shelves as I write this article.